Any positive initiative takes long to percolate down to visible change. We’re happy to report a few tangible results we have seen around us since starting Satsang Vidyalaya.

  • In the past couple of years, 100% of the children completing their cycle in our schools (Class I to Class VII) have been admitted into higher classes of government schools, where they can continue their education. They are in the forefront of their class in the schools they have joined.
  • Applications seeking admission to our schools have tripled since 2003. In 2008-09 we have extended the school upto Class VIII. The schools now have 200 students although we can accommodate less than half the applications that we receive.

In addition to education by books, we also ensure adequate moral sciences, understanding of hygiene, building an attitude of acceptance and kindness amongst people around us, religious tolerance, and respect towards women. All this has helped us continually groom our children to not just be more employable but to also be better human beings in today's society.


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