Capital contributions and partnerships

Satsang Vidyalaya is growing rapidly. After over 17 years of uninterrupted schooling, we now have over 200 students and over 10 teachers on our rolls. Investments in infrastructure is a prime focus and we solicit contributions to our capital outlay for the following projects:

  • A full fledged science laboratory enveloping biology, physics and chemistry - allowing our students and teachers to learn, experiment, and discover modern science
  • A modern computer science lab with personal computers, operating software, computer tables and chairs to allow our students keep pace with modern technology
  • New classrooms to accommodate our students in well ventilated but quiet surroundings allowing them to concentrate on their daily lessons along with their teachers
  • Uninterrupted power supply systems and generators to ensure that our children's classes continue uninterrupted inspite of the vagaries of electricity supply. Our schools face up to a 6 hour cut in power supply on many days.
  • A modern playground with safe sports facilities for our children
  • Supporting our teacher salaries in the long term and investments in new teacher training programs
  • A free health care center providing preventive and medical care for our students as well as the local community we support 
We welcome educational trusts, funds focused on social empowerment, corporate social responsibility wings of companies and other government agencies to contact us to find ways of helping our children gain a brighter future.

A receipt with a tax exemption stamp is issued within 30 days of the contribution. All donations to The Satsang Foundation are exempt under section 80G of Income Tax Act.


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