Beyond free education

 A shelter from violent conditions at home. In their community children are exposed to prostitution, alcoholism and violence from their elders. If left at home they are subject to abuse by young men (especially girls), they are involved in household chores and they lack physical space. In our schools they spend the whole day in an atmosphere of cooperation, caring and joy. They are not ridiculed, pressured or physically punished, as is the practice in most conventional Indian schools.

A succor for hungry stomachs. At home children often have only one meal a day and nutrition is deficient. At our Schools we provide a free nutritious meal and a protein drink everyday.

A meeting ground for friends to play, learn and share experiences. Children are given time & space to interact freely among themselves and with teachers.

A place for discovery, building self-confidence, and promoting cooperation.

A nursing home. Children with health problems are immediately referred to competent Doctors. Also, to promote self-reliance and compassion, children are taught how to deal with simple first aid cases.


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