Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nature Club starts New Organic Farm

Our Experience With Nature Club

This write up was authored by two students from Satsang Vidyalaya - Prasanna and Poojitha. The note was edited by Nirosha, a teacher from the Peepal Grove School.

Whenever we go on the school terrace, we see the sun rising over the hills; wherever we look there are lush, green fields and tender flowers swaying in the wind; we see the sun reflecting on blades of grass, and colourful butterflies roaming around bright yellow sunflowers. It’s so beautiful to see the environment.

Then we thought, why can’t we make our school garden as picturesque; a small piece of joy for all the students and teachers to behold, amidst a busy day of learning.  We could plant flowers, fruits and vegetables, and give it to our school kitchen. That way they don’t need to buy them. They could use the fresh produce, grown with our care.

Our ideas came to fruition, when we were granted permission by our director to begin our very own vegetable garden. We were fortunate to have some helpers from Bangalore. They taught us a little about the germination of plants. As part of this process, they told us that we must show affection and take care of plants.

Three months ago, six eager students, after preparing the soil, began planting the first seeds. We started with tomatoes, spinach, ladies fingers, cucumber, chillies and ridge gourd. Every day we sprinkled water, plucked weeds and interacted with our garden. We prepared a compost pit by gathering dead leaves, so that we could use natural fertilizers for our plants. We also kept a written record of what we did each day.

Our efforts bore fruit when after three weeks of having started, the first little shoot appeared from the seemingly barren soil. We were so exited! Not long after, little shoots began to pop up all over, and our nature club grew from 6 members to 15, as more students wanted to get involved. 

With our enthusiasm growing, we also planted mango, guava, blueberry and sapota saplings. We further added to our vegetables by planting bean, brinjal and bottle gourd seeds. So far we have had many tomatoes and chillies, and some ladies fingers. We offered them to our kitchen staff, who made delicious curries which all the children and teachers enjoyed.

It has been a beautiful journey for us to look after our own garden. It has required a lot of effort, patience, care and perseverance. To see vegetables and flowers growing from tiny little seeds is truly amazing. It is a constant reminder that the Earth is a living entity which sustains us, and it is therefore our duty to nurture and care for it as best we can.

Poojitha (class 8) and Prasanna (class 9)
Satsang Vidyalaya


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