Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Health and Medical Camp at Satsang Vidyalaya

We recently had a team of doctors from Pavithra Diagnostic Center visit our school to undertake a free medical exam of all our students. The primary aim was to check if any of our kids had symptoms of Thyroid, along with a bunch of other tests including hemograms suggested by Dr. Priyamvada Muddapur who assisted the team. A test like this helps us document possible problems and start with corrective medication early on. Over 100 students from Grade 2 to 9 got jabs on them ;-)

Welcoming the staff of Pavithra Diagnostic Center for this wonderful gesture of theirs...

The medicos getting organized...

 The lab technicians included B.Saravana, C. Nagaraj, G.A. Nazeer & V.Uday assisted by Dr.Suresh Mitta, the head of Pavithra Diagnostics.

Every student gets a lab file which will include a full blown report about their current medical conditions.

This girl is brave. IF she knows what's coming next.

The doctors at work preparing the students... 

Tighten your arm...


That's the first time we've seen someone laugh while getting an injection!

Well behaved kids...if you don't behave you get an extra shot!

Chocolates for everyone!

We think these kids know only about the chocolates 


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