Monday, March 18, 2013

Helping kids learn

Yes, that's what our teachers do. They dont "just teach"! Here's a sneak peek into the actual learning systems and grading papers we use at our school!

A behaviour chart which helps track a student's all round behaviour and general interaction. A public 360 degree appraisal system if you must!

The teachers have also taken to using visual systems to help children learn better. It has been proven that using visuals to communicate what you are teaching goes a long way to help children absorb what they need to learn better.

More visuals to help! Learning through images tend to stick far better than learning through rote.

Mixing up fun (coloring the body) and learning (identifying the body parts). What fun!

You can just see kids putting their tongues out to each other to check what color it is ;-)

Ah...a more serious match the following question...

I think the boy's going to go out and splash about in the rain!

Match the following! These question papers have been hand-made!

Satsang Vidyalaya's academic calendar for 2012-13!


More tricky questions!

My god! Where are those Wharton grad's when you need them?!

A great way to get kids to be attentive of their immediate surroundings!


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