Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Library!


We got our very own new reading library! With a whole bunch of new books from various subjects, like Science, Animal life, Space and the universe, and ofcourse - even comic books! This library and the books was made possible by Mr Ajai Kumar Singh, IPS officer of the Karnataka Cadre and an ardent supporter of Satsang Vidyalaya and our kids here! We love you Sir!

These two seem to be up to some monkey business...

The shelf - indexed, ordered, titled...phew!

Stephen, a kid, and Madhu from the Asha Foundation share a moment together.

 Teachers taking part in the library set up...

The folks from Asha Foundation were here too!

That's the table around which our kids are going to have many adventures with their new found books...

The books being indexed and put in place...

These kids need books!

The library shelf - neatly stacked and waiting to be leafed through!

Ready to be inaugurated!

Sri M, our Founder: Are my books here too?

When do we get to read?!


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