Monday, December 17, 2012

Fun & Games Day in Satsang Vidyalaya

Today was fun and games day at Satsang Vidyalaya!

Wait, we just had Sports day, Teacher's day, and Independence day! Why another fun and games day?

Well, at Satsang Vidyalaya we believe that group based games fosters greater cooperation, team building, participation from everyone, in a fun filled, joyous and non competitive environment. We believe that its good to win, but its also "okay" to lose to the better person on their better day! Who knows, it might be "your" better day tomorrow :-)

First, the students were gotten together and organized into different teams based on their ages, and the kind of games that were created for them...

Though this does look like some kind of wasn't!

The teachers taking a breather before the games begin...

Our Director, Mr Stephen kicks things off in his usual fashion. This game is about stacking tomatoes one over the other until they collapse. The highest tomato skyscraper wins!

This game was a little more crazy. You had to cup water out of your hands and carry it to the other end! The one who empties all the water out of the bucket on one end to the other tumbler at the other end wins! You better have HUGE hands to win this one.

You can see the tumblers ahead of the cheerleaders here...

Our math teacher taking down the better add up sir!

We don't know what this pretty girl was doing, but decided to take a picture just because she was so darn pretty!

Looks like some kind of open air  bowling!

Now, THIS seems to be a very interesting game. Can you spot a string tied above the boys heads?

And do you see something hanging off them? And do you also see what the boys are doing?! We're getting excited just looking at these pictures!

We'll make it easy for you. Those are juicy (and in some cases sour ;-) orange pieces tied to a string high above your head. You have to jump up and grab the orange by your mouth with your hands tied behind your back!

Now the girls give it a shot...

Ah, those clothes aren't helping their cause...

Is the math teacher eating an orange out of his hands? That's a foul!

No, they aren't fighting over the scores...they're after the oranges!

We aren't exactly sure what this game was all about, but considering it didn't involve hands (duh!), has a piece of string, and does involve your mouth, its guaranteed to be tough!

Mr. Stephen getting into the swing of things...

We even had our very own water boys!

Phew! And that's it for the fun and games on this edition folks! We hope you had as much fun as we did! No, we definitely had a LOT more fun than you did! Haha!


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