Sunday, November 25, 2012

Annual Sports Day at Satsang Vidyalaya

Our annual sports day for this year had arrived!

This was one day that all the kids were tremendously excited about! Its a day when the students can be out all day long - and its okay! Whoopee!

The students were grouped together on a sunny day outside in the playground, so that the day could get organized...

And here's our Director Mr Stephen in his very cool sports gear giving all the students instructions...

In Satsang Vidyalaya - Everybody participates! How lovely to see Mr Stephen, our Director out enjoying with our children!

Our Cheerleaders!

A quick march past by the students to kick things off for Satsang Vidyalaya's Annual Sports Day for 2012!

An innovative game for the little ones at our school - hands tied behind your back; pick the sticks on the ground with your mouth

And run across to your bucket on the other end and drop them in there

The first one to finish wins!

We also had a very competitive game of handball amongst all the girls...

What a catch!

Prayers always help!

If we ever saw a long jump that was championship material - it was this!

The boys weren't left behind...literally - 100 metre sprint!

We're going to leave you guessing on who won ;-)


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