Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Basics of a Computer - for the teachers at Satsang Vidyalaya

Satsang Vidyalaya's summer vacation also saw a 4 day long workshop on the basics of operating a computer for the teachers of the school in Madanapalle. The workshop was made possible by the start of the mini computer lab (read about it here!).

The basic objective of the workshop was to get the teachers more familiar with operating a windows personal computer - from switching it on via a UPS right up to changing the background image on the screen. Well, changing the background image was done for just a bit of fun really ;-)

The "course" therefore included:
    •    Switching on the computer the "right" way - mains/UPS/CPU/Monitor
    •    Understanding what a desktop means
    •    Figuring out how to use a mouse and how to click and drag icons on the desktop
    •    Moving documents to the recycle bin and restoring them thereafter
    •    Changing the background image on the desktop
    •    Moving the task bar around the desktop (to places you would never end up keeping it!)
    •    Using the "Start" button on the task bar to explore the suite of applications that come with Windows XP
    •    Using the calculator to compute simple arithmetic
    •    And finally as a bonus, opening Microsoft Word and typing out a basic letter. We started with "leave application letters" much to the chagrin of the principal!

This workshop functioned as a basic introduction to computers, and made the teachers a little more familiar with the machines. It provided a reasonably good foundation for the forthcoming courses on Internet proficiency, Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel.


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