Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meet the Trainers - Ajay Wadhwa

Ajay Wadhwa is a post graduate in English with around 3 years of teaching experience. 
He loves to read and explore things around.

1)Hi Ajay, Tell us a little about yourself.

I have done my M.A. in English and B.Ed with a certificate course from Regional Institute of English (RIE),Chandigarh. Personally speaking, I am a person who carries an optimistic 
approach always.

2) What inspired you to take up this project?

I wanted to know about The Satsang Foundation along with the approach of doing something 
under the guidance of Deepa Dogra.

3) What’s your expectation from this project?

Honestly speaking, I feel this project will take a bit of time. The process is slow, but willbe successful,with all the right efforts will are put in.

4) Has this experience brought in any change?

Yes it has brought a big change . After the visit, I feel my mind has become more simple but from thinking point of view , it has become high.

5) What was your role in the training session?

I would describe my role as that of a mediator and guide.

6) Suggestions for the teachers of SV/Areas of continual improvement 
that they may require?

They should be open and relaxed with students and among themselves also.

7) Tell us a little about your family?

I live with my parents with  two siblings - An elder brother and a younger sister.

8) Any prev. experience  in rural education/schools?

Luckily, it was for the first time.

9) Would you like to come back to Satsang  Vidyalaya?

Yes, for sure.


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