Saturday, May 19, 2012

Meet The Trainers - Meenu Huria

One week of training and friendly interactions with the Jalandhar team has left our teachers all charged up and with lots of insights into different teaching methodologies. Let us meet the trainers and get to know their feedback and how they enjoyed being in Madanapalli, sharing their knowledge with our teachers.

Meenu Huria is a trained Graduate, with an experience of 13 years in the field of education. Teaching is not just her passion, but actually a relaxing zone. Otherwise, her free time is spent listening to music and she is one person who can't resist dancing.

Q. Hi Meenu. Tell us a little about yourself:
A. I am a simple person to whom the materialistic world doesn't attract. I only believe in working passionately whatever the task/project may be,at home or at work.
Q. What inspired you to take up this project?
A. Heard a lot from Deepa Ma'am about this project and after meeting M Sir during retreat in Jalandhar, there was an unseen force that inspired me to add a bit of my efforts to the great project he has taken up.
Q. As a trainer, what are your expectations from this project?
A. I expect that our frequent visits help the teachers there to update themselves with the changes in education system, methodologies, assessments and above all, with the ways to give their best to their students.
Q. What do you want to achieve from this kind of an exposure?
A. Internal peace and happiness
Q. Has this experience brought any change? What was the experience ?
A. During this period,there was a selfless feeling of serving,a sense of only giving without expecting anything in return. And now there is a will in my heart to find the ways to continue with it. Experience was purely spiritual, be it was in Satsang Vidyalaya,our trip to Rishi Valley or Peepal Grove proved this fact once again that this earth is still blessed with people who live only to serve humanity.
Q.What was your role in this training?
A. It was a team work that made it a life long experience.....

Q. Have you had any previous experience in rural schools?
A. I had taught in two evening schools run by an NGO which were meant for the children of the labourers. They used to work in the morning and were brought to schools with great difficulty in the evenings.
Q. What are your suggestions for the teachers of SV?
A. Teachers at SV are doing a commendable job inspite of many constraints and limitations. They just need to realise and be focused that they are there only for the students and no personal or professional issues should come in between them and their students. I would like to see them follow and practise religiously whatever is shared with them.

Q.Tell us a little bit about your family 
A.I am married, with two daughters. My husband has a pharmaceutical business. I live in a joint family with my in-laws.
Q. Would you like to visit SV again ?
A. Any time.....always ready.....dont ask......just say.....i will be there

Thank You Meenu. We look forward to welcome you again and again to Satsang Vidyalaya to share your knowledge and expertise with our teachers and students!


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