Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Satsang Vidyalaya is on the move ..

First - Thank you LWES! (now read on :))

About 12 years back, Sri M took a plot of land near the tribal settlement on the outskirts of Madanapalle (used to be a summer resort for British officials) where normally people wouldn’t want to settle down.

 On one of the occasions while he was out for a walk, he saw kids roaming around the nearby fields grazing cattle and on enquiry found they were not going to any school.

 The community said there was no school nearby and were ready to send their kids for studies. Along with a friend and a modest capital, an open classroom was started with mid-day meals (most of them wouldn’t get breakfast in the morning).

 20 students turned up and were the first batch with 1 teacher (Mr. Subrahmanyam) who still teaches. A few years later with addition of teachers and students, an experienced teacher was recruited to be a Headmistress.

 The school became a launching pad for kids, who previously had none. The students have been joining regular schools and colleges affiliated to the state board after passing out. Presently - The kids study from standard state board curriculum, able to recite hymns from our ancient scriptures that in India has been totally lost to many, do dance/drama activities etc. These kids have been living a transformed life under the grace of Sri M.

 This transformation is profoundly significant for a community that is completely and totally isolated from day-to-day living i.e. nobody speaks to them, no one offers them a job much less mingling with them. Thus established and running smoothly since the last 12 years, now the Satsang Vidyalaya, which is a rural school for mostly tribal children,is now on the way to becoming a model school for the RTE Act in Andhra Pradesh.

We have envisioned that the children of our school are able to:

  • Live a dignified life
  • Get employed and become self sufficient like any other professional.
Keeping this in mind, we are now in the process of bringing these children into the mainstream. As a part of this, Satsang Vidyalaya has collaborated with LWES (Learning Wings Educational Systems).

 "Learning Wings Education Systems" is a global organization devoted to high-quality education that meets the demands of parents, students and education providers the world over. It is also a leading provider of school management services and works closely with schools to raise student achievements. Its schools - Cambridge International School – spread across North India, are enabling children to realize their potential.


  They have provided the school with a dedicated project team for the following :
  • Training of SV Teachers in areas like
    • Teaching methodologies
    • Skill Based Development
  • Teaching Aids
  • Material resources for:
    • Academics
    • Library
    • Arts
    • Sports
The training sessions are on at Satsang Vidyalaya now. The teaching staff will be undergoing a thorough and refreshing session with the trainers from Jalandhar over a period of 10 days spread over the next two weeks."

From Venkat Ramana and Shrikumar M - presently camping at Satsang Vidyalaya school, in Madanapalle


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