New computer lab launched

A new computer lab has just been set up at Satsang Vidyalaya! This mini computer lab is just the beginning of a bigger lab in the pipeline.

Internet course for our teachers

A workshop on the basics of the internet for our teachers at Satsang Vidyalaya conducted by a senior manager at a computer chip giant

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Meet The Trainers - Meenu Huria

One week of training and friendly interactions with the Jalandhar team has left our teachers all charged up and with lots of insights into different teaching methodologies. Let us meet the trainers and get to know their feedback and how they enjoyed being in Madanapalli, sharing their knowledge with our teachers.

Meenu Huria is a trained Graduate, with an experience of 13 years in the field of education. Teaching is not just her passion, but actually a relaxing zone. Otherwise, her free time is spent listening to music and she is one person who can't resist dancing.

Q. Hi Meenu. Tell us a little about yourself:
A. I am a simple person to whom the materialistic world doesn't attract. I only believe in working passionately whatever the task/project may be,at home or at work.
Q. What inspired you to take up this project?
A. Heard a lot from Deepa Ma'am about this project and after meeting M Sir during retreat in Jalandhar, there was an unseen force that inspired me to add a bit of my efforts to the great project he has taken up.
Q. As a trainer, what are your expectations from this project?
A. I expect that our frequent visits help the teachers there to update themselves with the changes in education system, methodologies, assessments and above all, with the ways to give their best to their students.
Q. What do you want to achieve from this kind of an exposure?
A. Internal peace and happiness
Q. Has this experience brought any change? What was the experience ?
A. During this period,there was a selfless feeling of serving,a sense of only giving without expecting anything in return. And now there is a will in my heart to find the ways to continue with it. Experience was purely spiritual, be it was in Satsang Vidyalaya,our trip to Rishi Valley or Peepal Grove proved this fact once again that this earth is still blessed with people who live only to serve humanity.
Q.What was your role in this training?
A. It was a team work that made it a life long experience.....

Q. Have you had any previous experience in rural schools?
A. I had taught in two evening schools run by an NGO which were meant for the children of the labourers. They used to work in the morning and were brought to schools with great difficulty in the evenings.
Q. What are your suggestions for the teachers of SV?
A. Teachers at SV are doing a commendable job inspite of many constraints and limitations. They just need to realise and be focused that they are there only for the students and no personal or professional issues should come in between them and their students. I would like to see them follow and practise religiously whatever is shared with them.

Q.Tell us a little bit about your family 
A.I am married, with two daughters. My husband has a pharmaceutical business. I live in a joint family with my in-laws.
Q. Would you like to visit SV again ?
A. Any time.....always ready.....dont ask......just say.....i will be there

Thank You Meenu. We look forward to welcome you again and again to Satsang Vidyalaya to share your knowledge and expertise with our teachers and students!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A visit to PGS

As the training of teachers by the Jalandhar team progressed during the first half of each day, their afternoons were filled with activities which gave them a better idea about the local culture and lifestyle.

The second day of the training was marked by a visit by the Jalandhar team to Peepal Grove School (our sister institution@ Sadum).

The Peepal Grove School is a co-educational boarding school (affiliated to the CISCE Board) located in Gongivaripalli village, Sadum Mandal of Chittoor District, SouthernAndhra Pradesh. It was founded in 2006 by Sri M, with the purpose of encouraging each student to think critically, creatively and independently to achieve academic and personal goals; to celebrate his or her cultural roots while embracing a global perspective.

The group set out on the journey to PGS accompanied by Mr.Viraj Naidoo and Vrinda Naidoo (teachers at PGS).

Hanuman-ji shrine enroute

Guided tour of the campus/ Hostel Buildings

Admin Block

The vast play/sports area

Much Inspired - The day ended with a beautiful session of sunset meditation 

And some MANGO fun!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Satsang Vidyalaya is on the move ..

First - Thank you LWES! (now read on :))

About 12 years back, Sri M took a plot of land near the tribal settlement on the outskirts of Madanapalle (used to be a summer resort for British officials) where normally people wouldn’t want to settle down.

 On one of the occasions while he was out for a walk, he saw kids roaming around the nearby fields grazing cattle and on enquiry found they were not going to any school.

 The community said there was no school nearby and were ready to send their kids for studies. Along with a friend and a modest capital, an open classroom was started with mid-day meals (most of them wouldn’t get breakfast in the morning).

 20 students turned up and were the first batch with 1 teacher (Mr. Subrahmanyam) who still teaches. A few years later with addition of teachers and students, an experienced teacher was recruited to be a Headmistress.

 The school became a launching pad for kids, who previously had none. The students have been joining regular schools and colleges affiliated to the state board after passing out. Presently - The kids study from standard state board curriculum, able to recite hymns from our ancient scriptures that in India has been totally lost to many, do dance/drama activities etc. These kids have been living a transformed life under the grace of Sri M.

 This transformation is profoundly significant for a community that is completely and totally isolated from day-to-day living i.e. nobody speaks to them, no one offers them a job much less mingling with them. Thus established and running smoothly since the last 12 years, now the Satsang Vidyalaya, which is a rural school for mostly tribal children,is now on the way to becoming a model school for the RTE Act in Andhra Pradesh.

We have envisioned that the children of our school are able to:
  • Live a dignified life
  • Get employed and become self sufficient like any other professional.
Keeping this in mind, we are now in the process of bringing these children into the mainstream. As a part of this, Satsang Vidyalaya has collaborated with LWES (Learning Wings Educational Systems).

 "Learning Wings Education Systems" is a global organization devoted to high-quality education that meets the demands of parents, students and education providers the world over. It is also a leading provider of school management services and works closely with schools to raise student achievements. Its schools - Cambridge International School – spread across North India, are enabling children to realize their potential.


  They have provided the school with a dedicated project team for the following :
  • Training of SV Teachers in areas like
    • Teaching methodologies
    • Skill Based Development
  • Teaching Aids
  • Material resources for:
    • Academics
    • Library
    • Arts
    • Sports
The training sessions are on at Satsang Vidyalaya now. The teaching staff will be undergoing a thorough and refreshing session with the trainers from Jalandhar over a period of 10 days spread over the next two weeks."

From Venkat Ramana and Shrikumar M - presently camping at Satsang Vidyalaya school, in Madanapalle