Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Health is wealth

”Health is wealth”, are 3 little words of great importance! And these are the words that we have been brought up with. Giving undue credit for the same, a group of 12 from Axa Business Services, headed by Kiran Jayaraj, guided by Bhushan and supported by Indrakka, including a doctor- Dr. Abhilash Anand from KIMS, conducted a health camp on 20th Nov 2010.
With appropriate check up, considerable amount of information on the prevailing ailments were collected and appropriate medication for diseases such as cold, cough, scabies were taken. These, along with de-worming and calcium tablets were taken as per the doctor's instructions.
This is how the health camp progressed:
  • 118 children along with 10 members of the staff were lined up.
  • De-worming tablets were given each and everyone
  • Each child's weight was checked
  • Each child was produced before the doctor, who conducted a check up and prescribed appropriate medication
Top 3 areas of concern:
  • Malnutrition: Almost 99% of the children suffer from acute malnutrition
  • Scabies is another disease of critical concern
  • 4 critical cases that of thyroid, eyes and a possible case of heart problem were identified and appropriate scans were suggested by the doctor.
  • Malnutrition: 1 egg / day for atleast 3 months in order to build the immunity system and tackle stunted growth.
  • Scabies: Community awareness has to be developed in order to tackle the disease.
  • Critical cases have to be checked immediately and treatment has to be provided accordingly.

Follow up (20 th Dec 2010)

Met with the foundation head and committee, upon which one egg / day was sanctioned.

4 critical cases have been sent for diagnosis and treatment.
  • The child suffering from thyroid will need to take treatment for 6-7 years.
  • 2 children suffering from eye problem need to use spectacles which were provided.
  • The child showing symptoms of heart problem does not suffer from any cardiac issues, but from acute malnutrition, which needs to be curbed immediately.
PS: Further research on the food aspect and good diet plan at cheaper cost needs to be conducted. Further research on building the immunity system and to curb stunted growth in children needs to be conducted. Awareness problem on the importance of tackling malnutrition and scabies needs to be conducted among the parents. Those who are interested in conducting further research / volunteer for any such activities in the future are free to contact Bhushan at 93412 54570 / Ravindran at 83744 35503.


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