Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I know you. Do you know me?

I am Vara Lakshmi

That's me - 1st from left!
What do I tell you? Nothing much but THANK YOU!

Thank you, for supporting me all along: with your beautiful smile, with your kind words, with ample food, with good books, with a classroom, with amazing teachers, with a GREAT school, and with the Sponsorship program itself!

A BIG BIG thank you for supporting me with your LOVE!

It is your support that has given me this great opportunity called Education. Today I am in 5th standard! I draw and paint and can speak English, Hindi and Telugu fluently, and I really wish to continue my studies.

All those who have supported me till now, I thank them from the bottom of my heart. All those who are new to this- please take some of your precious time and think about what I have written. YOU are my inspiration. Your thoughts, words and actions inspire me. Thank you!

I am Devendra

I know, you too are batting for me!
My day begins at 5! I tend to cows! My mother is a milk seller and I love her a lot. I am 11 years old.

“I want to see that beautiful smile on my mother’s face very often,” if you asked me, what I desires the most!

I love to go to school and School is my favorite place.

Having learnt the ideal values called hard-work and perseverance at such a young age, he dreams of joining the police force one day!

Academically bright, he is the driving force in his family that brightens his mother’s heart! A loved and valued student in his class, today he is in need of support to continue his education and fulfill his dreams.

I am Prasanna

I am Prasanna and I am fortunate- for I have a school of my own! I have friends whom I can smile with. I have teachers who are my family. I see love and laughter around me. I do not know how I would have survived, if it weren’t for the SCHOOL.

Today, I am in 7th Std. So far, I have understood that, the right way to success is EDUCATION. I love studying. I like to learn new languages. I love to sing and dance and want to become a pediatrician one day.

Today, I am in need of a little support from you, so that I can break this illusionary bondage called fear. Today, I am in need of a little support from you, so that I can complete my studies. Knowledge is my power and I know that one day, I shall definitely achieve my goal. I shall stand strong and remember your kindness forever!

Prsasanna is to the right, and Prasanna is right :)
Shivamma to the left .. But not one to be left behind

This is Shivamma

Ask Shivamma what she wants and don’t be surprised if the answer is proper food, clothing, shelter and a DEGREE.

Well, yes education is one of her basic need and this is what she has to say, “I want to become a doctor. I no longer want to see my mother or any mother sick. I want to take care of the sick and help them in every way possible.”

What a noble thought! Kind indeed is her heart, and strong indeed is her determination- the determination to get educated, help her family and serve others.

These are the goals and needs of a few students studying at Satsang Vidyalaya, in the town of Madnapalli.

There are many Devendras, many Prasannas, many Vara Lakshmis, and many Shivammas who have big dreams in their young hearts!

They say ‘Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime!’

With this vision and mission, the Satsang Foundation, reaches out to the entire race to be a part of a Sponsorship program for the Satsang Vidyalayas.

Come sponsor a child! Come and be the foundation for these young seeds, so that they can grow into big trees and shelter many others (Sponsorship brochure is here)

It is YOU who can make the DIFFERENCE!


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