Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do these stars have stethescopes - in their sights?

Like us, you too will be delighted to know that these children have cleared the Zilla Parishad exams with DISTINCTION!! They have scaled another step in their education ladder this year by moving to higher classes in government schools.

Krishnaveni, a carefree little child, happy to go to our school – The Satsang Vidyalaya, developed acute pain and discomfort in the eye to such an extent that led her to believe that there must be some cure for the malady, only a doctor would know. Though she got well, the eye pain was the turning point in her life. Today she still recalls the incident and has a gleam in her eye and proudly says- “I must study well and become an eye doctor”.

Pushpalatha, a good friend and classmate of Krishnaveni who studied with her in The Satsang Vidyalaya , is also interested in becoming a Doctor. Ask her why and she smiles and says, “I want to serve people.” Believing that hard work is the key to success, she gives her 100% to reach her ambition and is thankful for the good education that she has received which has helped her recognize her goal.

Bharathi & Sahana, have six brothers and sisters. They have no father. Their mother works in a hospital close by. Sahana is very good in academics and is the topper of the school. Sahana looks up to her sister and wants to follow her foot steps

Chitra is interested in Science & Maths. She has bagged the highest marks in Science in her class this year. She lives in the Thanda (tribal settlement) nearby. With a difficult family– each day is a challenge. This little girl is already engaged to be married. But this has not stopped her from going for what she wants. Grabbing the little opportunity she has to go to school, she has shown that a little encouragement and support can help anyone reach the zenith.
Rajitha too wants to be a doctor. She is good in Yoga and helps in teaching other children too. Cauvery, her elder sister is her role model. Why? Cauvery who was studying along with her in the Vidyalaya has now got a free scholarship - admission in the residential school - Peepal Grove School due to her hard work and sincerity. Rajitha is also fascinated by the Anchor’s role on TV. Perhaps we have to wait and watch if we would see her as a doctor or an anchor!

The question to you - dear reader - is that you probably agree on the importance of a role model.

We are guessing that you are already successful in what you do. Won't it be wonderful if you can come by and be a role model for some of the children who are still in school? We would love to hear from you, if you would want to spend some role modelling time, with the children in Madanapalle!


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