Friday, January 27, 2012


Hello children and teachers of Satsang Vidyalaya school.
We saw the photos we sent you on your site.
We were surprised!!!!!
We were very happy to be with you and like to come back next year.
We do like to sponsor the school,but it is impossible to read the small print of the sponsor poster.
With a lot of love from Cees van Tol and Joke Bontenbal

Hi Joke and Cees,
We heard about your stint in the school and were happy that you could connect with the children. Infact, I saw the Dutch birthday song in one of the children's notebooks and was surprised but learnt that you had come down. The sponsor poster issue will be sorted out quickly. The sponsor amount per child is Rs 15000 p.a. (USD 300 approx). You can adopt any number of children that you wish. We can email me at for transfer details. Looking forward to your visit next year.:-)
Member, Satsang Foundation

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